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Buying Used Chainsaws

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Is it worth buying a used chainsaw? That depends! You need to understand a few points about buying used chainsaws. First heed the old “buyer beware” warning. Generally there is no return of a used chainsaw. So be cautious, if you go to a yard sale and the seller can’t or won’t show you that the saw works, at least that it runs, don’t even consider buying it, unless you just want it for parts.

If you are looking for a used chainsaw we will give you some ideas of where to look. Try the classified section of your newspaper, message boards at supermarkets and other retail outlets. Got to yard, farm and estate sales, these venues often publish a list of items being offered.

Use word of mouth, let your relatives and friends know you are in the market for a used chainsaw. One of them may know of a neighbor, friend or relative who is looking to sell a chainsaw.

Type “used chainsaws” into your search engine. You should get dozens of hits. Make sure you check the shipping charges. Auctions, both live and online, are another option for you. The one drawback here is there is usually an “as is” policy at most of these sites. However your online search should yield a few factory reconditioned chainsaws and these can often be had for about half of the original price, even with shipping charges that should save you some money.

If you shop carefully and check out any prospective chainsaw it is possible to get a good deal and save some money, you just need to be aware of what you are getting.

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